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We are excited to tell you all about the events we have planned for September 28, 2014, and we are working hard to put the details online. In the meantime, if you have any questions please use this form to reach out.

5032 Delaware Turnpike
Rensselaerville, New York 12147


Wrenegade Sports presents: The Rensselaerville Cycling Festival, featuring: The Team Jamis - Hagens Berman Gran Fondo, a challenging and scenic bicycle ride through historic communities in the Helderberg Hilltowns and the Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York; and a festival at the Carey Institute for Global Good. September 28, 2014. Century ride. Rensselaerville Ride. From hill to hollow.

Pro Cyclists Riding the Team Jamis - Hagens Berman Gran Fondo


Pro Cyclists Riding the Team Jamis - Hagens Berman Gran Fondo

Tyler Wren

These riders can hang with the best in the world. But don't worry- they'll be in town to enjoy the ride and the party, and will leave the glory to the rest of us mortals. Keep an eye out for more exciting additions!


  • Professional cyclist for Team Jamis - Hagens Berman
  • Time trial specialist from Corralitos, California
  • So many national and international podiums that they wouldn't fit on this page. The guy's just that good.
  • On-the-road hotel room hot plate cuisine expert


  • Professional cyclist for Team Jamis - Hagens Berman
  • Climbing specialist and Rensselaerville transplant
  • Two-time King of the Mountains winner at the US Professional Championships
  • Former USA National Team member
  • Four-time collegiate national champion
  • Also known as "the gringo." Requires lots of sunscreen. Even in the winter. 


  • Professional cyclist for Team Jamis - Hagens Berman

  • Sprinting specialist living in Cambridge, Massachusetts 

  • Stage winner at international and national-level events

  • Reads the New York Times. Daily. Enough said.


  • Former pro cyclist for Team Jamis - Hagens Berman from Alburtis, Penssylvania

  • Sprinting and track racing specialist

  • Dozens of international and national-level race wins on his lengthy resumé 

  • Collector of over-sized race-winner checks from big-time races around the country


  • Former pro cyclist for Team Jamis - Sutter Home and USA National Team member
  • Time Trial Specialist currently located in Breckenridge, Colorado
  • Collegiate and U23 national champion
  • Owner of Boo Bicycles, where he spends his time mastering the art of making bicycles from invasive species


  • Former pro cyclist for Team Jamis - Sutter Home residing in Charlottesville, Virginia

  • Descending specialist and super-domestique with roots in Hannacroix, New York

  • Most Aggressive Rider competition winner at the international Tour of Missouri

  • Perfecter of the descending super-tuck and the laser-straight cycling jersey tan line

  • Director of the Miller School of Ablemarle Cycling Program



  • Former pro cyclist for the Jamis-sponsored Team Colavita - Sutter Home

  • Climbing specialist and all-arounder from Saco, Maine

  • Stage winner and race leader at the Green Mountain Stage Race

  • Claims to be the originator of the current tall sock trend in cycling


  • Former pro cyclist from Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Climbing and gravel road specialist
  • Three-time winner of the Tour of the Gila
  • Expert on any and all types of suffering outdoors including speed hiking and snow-melt ice baths
  • Organizer of The Crusher in the Tushar, an innovative road + dirt bike race in Beaver, Utah


  • Professional cyclist representing barbecue sponsor Colavita and Fine Cooking Magazine
  • First rider to represent her native country Guam at the elite Cycling World Championships
  • PhD candidate in computational biology at Cornell University
  • Margherita pizza and Colavita olive oil aficionado   

 Photo courtesy  Jonathan McElvery

Photo courtesy Jonathan McElvery


  • Former pro cyclist and USA National Team member living in Wadhams, New York

  • Climbing and stage race specialist

  • Best Young Rider classification winner at the international Tour de Georgia

  • Front man of the Wadhams Waddlers, old-time stringy band from the Adirondacks


  • Former pro cyclist and USA National Team member
  • Breakaway specialist and all-arounder residing in Washington, DC
  • Podium appearances at national and international events
  • King of the 'so crazy it just might work' daylong solo breakaway

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